It’s that time of year again- with November almost over, Christmas season is beginning to ramp up! What better way to celebrate than with some festive holiday drinks? From coffee to alcohol and even icecream, Lower Lonsdale can help you celebrate Christmas from morning into the evening! Highlighted below are some of our very own businesses offering holiday special drinks to help keep your spirits high all of December!

    1. Shipyards Coffee – A Lonsdale Quay coffee staple, Shipyards coffee is now serving their Eggnog Latte for the month of December! Eggsolent. 
    2. Mo’s General Store– A modern take on the quintessential general store, Mo’s delivers unique, quality products – and they serve coffee! Their holiday specials include the classic eggnog latte, as well as an original eggnog mocha!
    3. The Gull – This newly renovated local hangout runs a weekly cocktail special that will be including a house made eggnog and a boozy holiday drink to go with! This week is an espresso martini with Woods amaro, dark rum , espresso and bitters.
    4. Brown’s Social House– North Vancouver’s newest Brown’s Social House is located at the busy corner of 2nd & Lonsdale Ave. and features their delicious winter cocktail- an espresso martini.
    5. Burgoo Bistro– Eggnog is already flowing at this cozy Lower Lonsdale location. They have a host of holiday drinks for you to try, including Eggnog Lattes, Rum and Nog and Mulled Wine! They also have live music from 6-8pm. Festive fun!
    6. Welcome Parlour– Local, all natural ice-cream by the only ice cream parlour on the North Shore making their icecream in real, small batches! Christmas flavours include White Chocolate Candy Cane, Vegan Chocolate Orange, Butterbeer and Eggnog! They are also hosting their annual Christmas artisan market on Dec 8 from 1-4pm to bring real local vendors in one spot for all to support!
    7. Earnest Icecream– A flavour for every day! Their Rum & Eggnog icecream is already available, and as of Dec 1st they will have gingerbread, dark chocolate peppermint and vegan hazelnut truffle! Don’t miss their special Candy Cane Crackle sundae either. They also have gift cards available for purchase (perfect non-melty stocking stuffers! :))