Zimba Design

Zimba Design is an award-winning building design and consulting firm. Zimba Design thrives on creating functional spaces that provide the greatest amount of everyday living in a minimal amount of space. Their comprehensive projects include residential properties and commercial spaces across Vancouver, the North Shore, and the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Over the last 15 years, Zimba Design has become known and respected for quality building design and professional consulting services. Their residential design projects have been featured in various publications and have received awards for excellence from within the design community.

Zimba Design strives to introduce clients to new concepts, products and ideas because innovative layouts and designs, combined with unexpected finishes, are what sets any home apart. Every design is a union of beauty and functionality; a pursuit of excellence with attention to detail; and a dedication to give each client more than they thought possible.

Principal Designer, Pam Chilton is directly involved throughout the design process and collaborates one-on-one with clients. Her life-long connection to the West Coast is evident in her design projects which often incorporate natural light and local materials. She is committed to providing an inspiring and enjoyable design experience for every client. She helps her clients articulate what they love and guides them through the entire design development and build experience.

Zimba Design’s clients appreciate efficient living, purposeful design, and quality. This is a perfect fit with Zimba‚Äôs values and consistent design philosophy: design for need, not greed. A sense of restraint, clarity and atmosphere are the foundation of their work. Projects by Zimba Design are distinctive yet comfortable, while possessing a casual elegance. Zimba spaces reflect understated luxury and unquestionable beauty.