The Benefits of Membership

The programs employed by BIAs bring life and vitality to the business district, and attract more clients and customers for all businesses.

Your BIA advocates for you to City Hall on issues of common concern, like property tax rates, parking, and street maintenance and signage.

Your BIA can reduce your costs through collecting marketing and promotion, as well as street events and festivals to attract thousands of people to our business district.

Collective marketing and promotion increases public awareness and creates a more positive image for the district, attracting greater residential density, which adds to your customer base. Also, it attracts other kinds of new businesses, again, attracting more customers seeking to shop where they can find everything they want.

District-wide, and business specific advertising, street enhancements, shopping programs, visitor way-finding signs and street maps, public art, more large events like Slide the City and Car-Free Days in the heart of the business district will make Lower Lonsdale a greater go-to destination for dining, shopping, and pampering.

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